Quality and sustainability

The quality in Gervasoni

Quality is at the core of the Group. Gervasoni has been dedicated to the most advanced strategies of the international market.

The quality management system , highly structured , has gradually developed through continuous adaptation to the international standards and the specific requirements of customers with the full involvement of management, supervision, operational and production personnel.

The objectives of the quality management system of the Group Gervasoni are several:

  • Meet the expectations of the customer reaching consistently the highest levels of product quality ( policy is Zero Defects );
  • Respect the environment by preventing pollution and minimizing the business impact;
  • Fulfill its employees expectations by applying high safety standards for risk prevention and for the protection of workers’ health.

Path Certification and Quality Awards

  • Prior to 1993, the Quality System was set according to the ISO 29000:1987, which specified a Quality Assurance process by prevention of non-compliance.

  • Since 1994 , with the introduction of the ISO 9000:1994 quality management system has significantly changed from the previous and assumes , as a central reference , the figure of the customer . The term indicates not only the customer who will use the final product, but is extended to all involved more or less directly in the production process, that is, those who work in the system or in the procedures of an organization, being at various stages downstream of process , can be considered ” internal customer ” phase just past.

    In the latest versions, ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 9000:2005 which correspond to the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 , the attention of the standard has finally moved on the effectiveness and continuous improvement of business processes.

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  • The ISO TS 16949 is a quality specification defined by ISO with specific requirements for the automotive sector relative to the more general ISO 9000 for the Automotive sector. ISO TS 16949 is required and supported by manufacturers of cars.

    Issued for the first time in 1999,the specification was developed by the International Automotive Task Force ( IATF ) , which includes also the major car manufacturers ( BMW , Daimler , Fiat , Ford , General Motors , PSA , Renault and Volkswagen ). Last release is ISO / TS 16949 : 2009.

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  • qualita-Q1Q1 Award

    The Q1 Award, awarded by Ford only to suppliers that meet the demanding requirements of the automotive manufacturer in terms of quality, timeliness of delivery and internal transportation and that , at the same time , offer a very high technical standard , was awarded to Gervasoni SpA in 1993.

Sustainability in Gervasoni

For old and established tradition , the group Gervasoni has always been attentive to environmental issues and the impact that the production activities have on habitat and territory.

The environmental objectives of the group Gervasoni , periodically monitored , are reflected in the ongoing commitment to:

  • encourage environmental awareness of employees, contractors and suppliers;
  • manage waste, decreasing the quantities produced through the optimization of recycling;
  • promote a systematic reduction of energy consumption, even for indirect environmental aspects such as mobility.


The ISO 14001 identifies a standard of environmental management (EMS) that defines the requirements for an environmental management system. The standard can be used for certification, for a self-declaration, or simply as a guideline to establish, implement and improve an environmental management system: get certified according to this standard does not attest to a particular environmental performance, nor demonstrates a particularly low impact but rather shows that the organization has certified an appropriate management system to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities, and systematically to improve the same in a consistent, effective and above all sustainable.

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The importance of prevention also stems from environmental legislation, which places constraints and requirements increasingly stringent. The group Gervasoni is committed to constantly monitor the evolution of regulations and ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to finished products. These include the RoHS Directive, the Reach Regulation and Directive 2000/53 / EC-ELV – End of Life Vehicle.

Sustainable supply chain

Among its primary values the Gervasoni Group underlines the Company Ethic  and promotes loyalty, fairness and respect, both internally and towards its partners with whom it highlights its business relationships.
In respect of the company Code of Conduct and in a context of social responsibility integration, the Group believes that the cooperation with the supply chain is fundamental in order to achieve the highest ethic standards and sustainable business development. For this purposes, we decided to develop a Supplier Code of Conduct containing rules and principles in addition to all legal, regulatory and procedural dispositions which characterize the business relations between the Group and its Partners. Aware that a responsible and sustainable business management is necessary at every level of the supply chain, the Code aims to be a reference for positive relationships and common strategies with Suppliers.

Supplier Code of Conduct