The winning element of the Gervasoni Group is its extensive experience in precision machining and high professionalism of its staff.

All the skills and expertise of the group are made available to the Customer from the initial stage of the project. Each part is carefully analyzed in order to satisfy the expectations of the customer.

The parts are analyzed from time of proposal based on the technological capabilities available to optimize the production process, with particular attention to the function of the part through proposals and shared solutions in the so-called co-design collaboration.

In view of the strong technical know how that has always characterized the Gervasoni Group, each part is reviewed to optimize and integrate competitive technological solutions together with special equipment and complex machines or dedicated and highly efficient work cells to result in most cost effective solution for the customer.

The Gervasoni Group also offers complementary processes such as heat treatment and surface finishing and plating, welding, assembly, leak testing and functional tests.

In addition to the statistical process control SPC, the final check is a further guarantee of the quality of the product.

The Cleaning Process adheres to the most stringent automotive standards.
The Group’s logistical personnel are trained in understanding and meeting needs of each customer to guaranteed timely delivery through systems of Safety Stock and Consignment Stock.

The packaging and shipping options are considered an important step in the process. Options are offered at time of proposal for review with customer.