The Group

The Gervasoni Group combines the principles of the traditional close tolerance machining with high technological specialization realizing cutting-edge products and services. The innovation in tooling and application of technology, combined with strict quality control processes make the Gervasoni Group not only a reliable supplier , but a collaborator, a partner able to propose solutions and products carefully studied , thus satisfying the needs of the European and International markets .


In the markets we serve, Gervasoni Group has the goal to merit the customer’s trust as a key supplier and to be the point of reference for technical solutions on manufacturability and production optimization of high precision mechanical components. The Gervasoni Group is working to define itself as a key competitor for the European market, thanks to strong partnerships with key customers and strong investment programs in research and development.


The Group’s mission is to earn our customer’s trust as a valued and reliable supplier in terms of quality and service , offering a complete range of products in the field of mechanical components of high precision turned parts.

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The Gervasoni Group of Companies


Gervasoni was established in 1961 in Brembilla (Bergamo). Gervasoni has become a leader in the manufacture of high precision machined parts and is considered a top level bench mark by its customers and its competitors in the mechanical sector . Val Brembilla (BG) offices serve as the headquarters for the Group.


Stratus was established in 1994 and is located in Bulgaria.  Stratus provides Gervasoni full support for the production of high precision mechanical components with complete Quality System accreditations, systems and controls in place. Stratus is a true production center with facilities under over of 15,000 SqM on an area of 50,000 SqM.


Euromagneti was established in 1991 Euromagneti is based in Lodi (Milan). Euromagneti designs and manufactures a product line and custom electromagnets (solenoid coils) for control and on-off applications. Euromagneti also serves as the testing laboratory for the Group for the evaluation of performance, function, durability, etc of finished parts and or assemblies to customer specified criteria.

Our history

Gervasoni was founded in Brembilla in the Province of Bergamo, a geographical area of Italy which is world reknown for its specialized expertise in the machining of high precision and high volume production of turned parts; an industrial specialization of the highest level . Gervasoni has reached the pinnacle of know how in their specialized sector by precise and steady process of consolidation of skills and discipline in the continuing improvement of the quality control and quality systems and ongoing investments in resources, personnel and equipment. Gervasoni is today a market leader in the mechanical sector thanks to the quality of its products and services.
    • 1961
      Mr. Bono Gervasoni establishes the company.
      The first workshop is a garage just 20 square meters with one single spindle lathe.
    • 1970
      Gervasoni purchases the first multi-spindle lathe (6 bars).
    • 1972
      To support increase in business Gervasoni constructs a new production facility with 1,600 SqM under cover, plant now known as ‘GB1’.
    • 1973
      Gervasoni business expands to other European customers beyond Italy.
    • 1982
      Gervasoni business expands to markets in USA.
    • 1991
      Gervasoni business interests expand and Euromagneti srl is established with plant in Lodi (Milan).
    • 1992
      Gervasoni enters the Automotive sector with first production and introduction of SPC process controls.
    • 1993
      The main GB1 production plant is expanded to 5,350 SqM.

      The quality system ISO 29000 is adopted and is accredited. Gervasoni receives their first ‘Quality Award Q1’ from the Ford Automotive Group.

      The Volkswagen-Audi Group visits Gervasoni and after this first visit approves Gervasoni for the supply of ‘turned’ parts.

      Eight stations for SPC, statistical process control, are situated within the main production plant GB1 to support objective to achieve zero ppm.
    • 1994
      First production of turned parts for the Volkswagen-Audi Group starts.

      Stratus Ltd is established in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
    • 1996
      Magneti Marelli assigns ‘Class A Supplier Status’ to Gervasoni SpA.
    • 1997
      Gervasoni business expands with exports to major multi-national European and USA customers.

      Technical Department is established for scope of design and specification of specialized equipment and facilities.
    • 1998
      Tooling and machine are designed and implemented for production of parts with micro - holes from 0.27 to 0.40 mm for diesel injection.

      Gervasoni reaches milestone of supply of 30 million components for injectors.
    • 2000
      Soon after introduction of standard QS 9000; Gervsoni implements ISO 9001 and is accredited the Certification ISO 9001.
    • 2002
      Stratus implements ISO 9001 and is accredited the ISO 9001 Certification.

      Gervasoni merges ABS Italy Srl (previously 50% owned) into the Group and the ABS plant now ‘GB2’ is enlarged from 800 SqM to 3100 SqM.
    • 2004
      Gervasoni implements ISO 14001 and is accredited the ISO 14001 Certification.
    • 2005
      Gervasoni implements and is accredited ISO / TS 16949.

      Gervasoni Group adopts an investment plan for 22 million euro for facilities and equipment including multi-spindle CNC grinding machines and high precision lapping machines for production of parts increasingly precise, with tolerances up to 2 microns.
    • 2006
      Stratus implements and is accredited for both ISO 14001 and ISO TS 16949.
    • 2011
      Capability is achieved for production of pump parts with roundness tolerances of less than 1 micron.
    • 2014
      The Gervasoni Group reaches exports sales levels of 84% of turnover.